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We are committed to quality-oriented paintless dent removal services in Tamaqua PA and the surrounding areas. Call or text 570-449-2828 today.

Based in Tamaqua, PA, Connection Hail & Dent provides dent repair services throughout Schuylkill County and the surrounding areas. Although we primarily focus on the straightening of a vehicle’s bodywork that has been damaged by hail, we also offer a wide range of products and services. Our technical teams are mobile and readily available to clients. Depending on the nature of the damage, we can intervene within 24 to 72 hours for many different clients, such as car manufacturers, transporters and garages, as well as private customers. Insurance companies also make use of our technology, as they realize its many advantages in respect of cost and time.

One Mission: Service

Bodywork represents a major aspect of any car’s image as well as that of its manufacturer’s. Unfortunately, a car is susceptible to several types of damage during its lifespan. Even in the factory it may be subject to manufacturing defects or damage during final assembly. Subsequently, impacts can seriously affect the vehicle during transportation. Hailstorms can also cause significant damage to vehicles. At Connection Hail & Dent, we offer insurance companies the opportunity to repair damage in record time at the time of evaluation, thus reducing not only the costs involved but also the period of immobility. If necessary, we can also provide replacement vehicles.

Connection Hail PDR Techs

Fast, less expensive: supreme efficiency!

Specializing in hail damage since 2010

Dedicated to our clients, we can intervene wherever necessary: at car fleet centers, factories, transporters’ facilities, or dealers’ lots and garages. Our engineers and technicians at Connection Hail & Dent are trained in the use of cutting-edge technology and will use a cold rectification process to smooth out the vehicles’ bodywork without any need for repainting, thus avoiding any negative environmental effects. As a result, cars are returned to their original condition, with no differences in color, three times faster than any traditional bodywork repair process, and at a much lower cost.

An American Brand Dedicated to the Car Industry

At Connection Hail & Dent, we prepare vehicles for motor shows and carry out final quality controls at the factory, on the manufacturers’ behalf, before they are sold on the market. We also work for car-rental firms and used-vehicle dealers to overhaul and repair vehicles before they are put on the rental market. Perfect bodywork and interiors are additional advantages which we provide at Connection Hail & Dent to ensure the client’s complete satisfaction.

Our cutting-edge expertise enables us to regularly train our technicians with clients and equip them with the required specialized tools. At Connection Hail & Dent, we can also provide temporary specialist or non-specialist staff whenever factories need help during production peaks and can set up centers of excellence for specific needs.

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